Dog House

昨天是小s老闆的生日, 雖然我人在紐約大爆走, 仍記得傳簡訊祝賀, 結果今天有兩個同事被放進狗屋了, 原因就是忘記祝壽, 伴君如伴虎, 切記切記阿…

Yesterday was my boss, Little S's birthday, sweet as i'm always used to be, i kept this important day in mind and sent him a blessing msg said"Happy Birthday, YOUNG Boss!", even though i was in nyc with serious hang over and tiredness caused by 3 days crazy walking.

Today, two of my colleagues are put in dog houses because they didn't say anything on such an important day. Everyone else in the office either text message or IM our boss to show their care. We mandarin-speaker people usually said "Serve your boss as serve a tiger", this is so true. Hopefully, my poor colleagues would learn this important lesson from today.

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